Your Chance to Make a Difference in Miami

2019 Hands-On, Off-Site Service Opportunity at Lotus House

The desire to make a difference seems to be a universal quality among donor relations professionals. We know the significance of philanthropy on our organizations’ missions, and we work hard every day to communicate gratitude and to inspire continued partnerships with donors. Our determination to make the world a better place is our superpower as professionals.

Volunteering time and talent to important causes with colleagues can be an igniting force outside of our regular work day. After meaningful interactions with last year’s conference beneficiary, The Little Bit Foundation, ADRP leadership wants to weave volunteer opportunities into the culture of future conferences—a way to further practice what we preach and add novel experiences to conference programming.

With the help of ADRP members in Miami, we have identified Lotus House as this year’s host city non-profit. Lotus House provides life-changing assistance to some of Miami’s most vulnerable residents—homeless women and children.

Conference attendees will have the opportunity, as in years past, to support the non-profit with in-kind donations.  Lotus House’s greatest need is for diapers, and in the months leading up to the conference, we have also provided an Amazon Wish List of items. You’ll be able to contribute items at any time before or during the conference.

Donate through Amazon

Please mention ADRP in the gift message as you are making your purchase so we can track our collective donations!

While in Miami, attendees can also tour Lotus House, and participate in a project that supports its daily operations. We know how vital donations are for non-profit organizations, but as donor relations professionals, we also know the tremendous impact of seeing mission in action.

Register now to join the excursion to Lotus House on Thursday, September 26, after the day’s conference sessions wind down and before the dine-arounds begin.  Lotus House is a short distance from the hotel, and transportation will be provided.

About Lotus House

Supportive shelter is life saving. Each night, an estimated 2.5 million children in America go to sleep without a place to call home. Children ages 0 to 6 are at the greatest risk of homelessness. The majority of homeless families are headed by single women, and family homelessness is growing. Lotus House was formed to support holistic, innovative solutions to bring an end to child and family homelessness. They do so recognizing the fastest growing segment of homeless in our country are single, female heads of household with young children. With trauma-informed, evidence based, best practices, Lotus House empowers women and children to heal, learn, grow and blossom into who they are meant to be. During the ADRP conference, attendees will learn more about the important work Lotus House does for vulnerable women and children and will be invited to support Lotus House by participating in a diaper and hygiene items drive.

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