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Keynote Presentation: Getting Radical: Transparency as a Donor Relations Tool

Robert C. Osborne, Jr.

Friday, September 27
9:30 – 10:30 AM

Session Description 

The idea of radical transparency was born of the idea that “internet commentary is inescapable, the only way to influence it is to be a part of it.” This has evolved to a general expectation of openness. People want to know not just about your product, and in the case of nonprofits your impact, but about your organization itself and its values and how it conducts business. All of this has implications for stewardship and donor relations. In this keynote we’ll talk about what radical transparency is, its implications for nonprofits and how and when you might implement it within your own organization.

About the Keynote Presenter

Robert C. Osborne, Jr.
The Osborne Group, Inc.

Robert was taught the power of philanthropy from an early age from both of his parents. With almost 25 years of experience in the not-for-profit sector, he believes that civil society has a critical role to play in making the world a better place.

Robert serves on the Advisory Board of the Czech Fundraising Center in Prague, Czech Republic and he currently serves a mentor to numerous social impact start-up organizations in Serbia and the US as well as an International Ambassador to the accelerator and incubator Impact HUB Belgrade.