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Creative Story Telling Through Donor Events

Alba Carreras-Vazquez and Montserrat Fisher

Wednesday, September 25
3:30 – 4:30 PM

Session Description 

#LevelUp: Elevate your events and wow your donors through storytelling! In this session, learn to reimagine your donor events and create experiences that are unique, memorable, and move the needle on your philanthropic goals.

Every event has possibilities for conveying the donor’s story, the “why” behind their generosity. From groundbreaking ceremonies to building dedications, the Strategic Events team at the University of Miami brings the “why” to life. Through examples, such as the staging of an emergency at the newly dedicated simulation hospital, the team illustrates how to leverage distinctive elements of the donor’s gift to tell a compelling story.

Learn how engaging students, alumni, and community partners can maximize your resources, tap into your creative message, take your audience on a journey—and still bring you in under budget!

About the Presenters

Alba Carreras-Vazquez
Executive Director, Strategic Events
University Of Miami

Alba started her events career in the cruise line industry managing weddings and then moved into corporate social events where she found her true passion in fundraising for nonprofits and charities. This lead her to working at a local college and then on to the University of Miami where she has worked for over 7 years. She has over 20 years of events experience.

Montserrat Fisher
Director, Strategic Events
University of Miami

Biography pending

Session Details

Target Audience

Private College/University


Suitable for all levels

Shop Size

Suitable for any size shop

Session Keywords

Acknowledgements, Donor Experience, Events, Strategy, Storytelling

Learning Objectives

  1. How to celebrate the “why” behind a donor’s philanthropic interest.
  2. How to utilize available resources to create a unique experience for the donor and audience.
  3. How to think beyond “traditional” events.